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Kingpins Show moves to SugarCity Events

The most important denim trade fair in the world, Kingpins Show, will be coming to SugarCity Events this spring. Kingpins Show has undergone a huge expansion in recent years and is therefore ready for a new location, where there is room for even more exhibitors.

Kingpins Show founder Andrew Olah believes that with SugarCity Events they have found a venue that can take the denim exhibition to a higher level: “We have been looking for a space that captures the spirit of Kingpins Amsterdam and pushes us to the next level. I believe we have found it.”

The industrial and raw atmosphere of SugarCity Events fits well with the concept ‘jeans’, once designed as work trousers. The transformation from an industrial to a recreational function shows many similarities with those of our former sugar factory.

Denise Schimmel, general manager of SugarCity: “We are very excited to receive Kingpins Show Amsterdam at our growing location. The leading trade fair is looking for the space and the possibilities to try new things and create momentum while its powerful appearance. SugarCity Events is the ideal location for this.”

Kingpins Show is a denim fair with international allure. The exhibition also visits world cities such as New York and Hong Kong. Schimmel: “The arrival of Kingpins Show shows that we can facilitate various international events and offer a wide range of options for various clients.”

The first Kingpins Show at SugarCity Events is scheduled for April 22 & 23, 2020.

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