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Middenfabriek - Award show

Unique Elements
  • Original stairs
  • Authentic boilers
  • Industrial pillars
  • High atriums
  • 3,000-tonne freight lift
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The Middenfabriek, built in 1863, is the heart of SugarCity Events, as you’ll see as soon as walk in to the imposing three-storey atrium. Reminders of the building’s original purpose are everywhere you look: boilers, pillars, machinery.

This unique industrial location makes the ideal setting for events such as awards shows. The sports organisation Life After Football held its Fashion Player Awards in the Middenfabriek, with some 500 guests attending a spectacular red-carpet reception where the winner was announced  from the first floor.

The Middenfabriek is SugarCity Events’ largest event space, and can also accommodate much bigger groups. If all three floors are used, it has space for nearly 7,000 people.

It can be connected to the Pulppersloods and Binnenstraat event spaces.

VR + Facts
Middenfabriek ground floor I
Maximum capacity 6500 persons

Ground floor: 5000 persons
First floor: 700 persons
Second floor: 490 persons
Third floor: 150 persons


Ground floor: 2.058 m2
First floor: 1.525 m2
Second floor: 1.725 m2
Third floor (VIP deck): 240 m2


Height: 6 tot 23 metres
Length: 68 metres
Width: 30 metres

  • Freight lift (3000 ton capacity)
  • Maximum floor loading 500 kg/m2
  • Roller door (vehicle accessible)
  • 950-Mbit WiFi
  • Water supply
  • Power outlets
  • Heating
  • Working lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Rigging
  • Spacious toilets
  • Dressing-room entrance
  • Production offices entrance
  • Entrance hall access
  • Courtyard access
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The industrial location for your event!
100 up to 300 parking spaces

SugarCity Events was the Netherlands’ oldest sugar factory, operating from 1863 to 1992 and owned by CSM Suiker. The air was full of steam, the din of cranes and other machinery, and the smell of sugarbeet.

Since 2002, it has been undergoing redevelopment by the Cobraspen Group, transforming it into a unique event location while keeping the factory itself fully intact. It incorporates all the advanced technology you’d expect from a modern event venue, but this has been done subtly and with respect for the factory’s character.

The unique décor is testimony to the former sugar factory’s industrial grandeur, and it is still making history with many memorable events.

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